Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)  Video

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Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
BDRip | MKV | 1hr 47mn | 1920x1040 | x264 -> 4000kbps | E-AC3 5.1 -> 512kbps | 4.33GiB
Action-Comedy-Crime | Language: English | Subtitles: English | Nitroflare/Karelia

Most people have trouble deciding what to say when they're asked what they've been doing with their lives at a High School reunion, but Martin Blank (as played by John Cusack) has a different problem than most – he has to make his career sound less interesting than it actually is. Martin is a former CIA operative who is now a freelance hit man, making good money for killing people he doesn't know. However, Martin's game has been a bit off lately; he's no longer happy in his work, and both his secretary Marcella (Joan Cusack) and his psychiatrist, Dr. Oatman (Alan Arkin), who is more than a bit nervous about having a hired assassin as a patient, think that Martin should accept an offered assignment in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, his old home town, which would conveniently coincide with his ten year high school reunion. Grosse Pointe Blank was a pet project for star John Cusack, who co-wrote the screenplay and also served as co-producer.

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)  Video

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Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
BRRip 480p - TinyBearDs | MKV | 848 x 458 | x264 600kbps 23.976fps | HE-AACv2 64kbps 2CH
Language: English | Subtitle: English Included | 107min | 510.43MB | 3% Recovery
Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Romance | Thriller | 2 wins & 4 nominations
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 (51,585 users)

Martin Blank is a freelance hitman who starts to develop a conscience, which causes him to muff a couple of routine assignments. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he attends his 10th year High School reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan (a Detroit suburb where he's also contracted to kill someone). Hot on his tail are a couple of over-enthusiastic federal agents, another assassin who wants to kill him, and Grocer, an assassin who wants him to join an "Assassin's Union."

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)  Video

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Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
DVDRip | XviD | Sound: mp3 VBR - 48kHz | 640x368 @ 832 Kbps | PAL 25 fps | Lang.: English | Duration: 01:43:01 | 702 Mb
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance | Release Date: 11 April 1997 (USA)
Director: George Armitage | Cast: John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Alan Arkin

Published.: The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author  eBooks & eLearning

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Published.: The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author

Chandler Bolt, "Published.: The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author"
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1539412334 | 204 pages | AZW3 | 1.6 MB

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Vectors - Blank Cosmetics Packaging 11

Vectors - Blank Cosmetics Packaging 11
3 AI+TIFF | 64.18 Mb

Chingachgook, The Great Snake (1967) Chingachgook, die grosse Schlange  Video

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Chingachgook, The Great Snake (1967) Chingachgook, die grosse Schlange

Chingachgook, The Great Snake (1967)
DVDRip | MKV | 720 x 336 | x264 @ 1559 Kbps | 87 min | 1,01 Gb
Audio: German AAC 1.0 @ 94 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance

It is 1740 and the English and French colonial forces are waging war against each other in their struggle to take control of North America. Both powers take advantage of existing tribal rivalries and enlist local tribes, the Delawares and Hurons, on either side of their conflict. Chingachgook, the last of the Mohicans, is now living among the Delaware and is granted the hand of the chief's daughter after saving the old man's life. His marriage is postponed however, when his betrothed is kidnapped by the Huron and Chingachgook sets out to recapture her with the assistance of his white friend, Deerslayer. This rescue is complicated by the interference of white settlers out to make money by collecting Huron scalps and ultimately Chingachgook must unite the tribes against their common enemy, the white man.

Point Blank (1967)  Video

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Point Blank (1967)

Point Blank (1967)
BDRip | 92min | MKV | 1920x796 | x264 -> 5500kbps | E-AC3 1.0 256kbps
Crime-Thriller | Language: English | Subtitles: English | 3.74GB

Based on Donald E. Westlake's novel The Hunter, John Boorman's gangster film hauntingly merges a generic revenge story with a European art cinema sensibility. In Alcatraz to divvy up the spoils from a robbery, thief Walker (Lee Marvin) is instead shot point blank by his double-crossing friend and left to die while Reese takes off with Walker's wife and his $93,000. Resurrected, the stone-faced Walker returns to Los Angeles a couple of years later to seek revenge on Mal with the help of the enigmatic Yost (Keenan Wynn) and Lynne's sister Chris (Angie Dickinson). Brutal in the violence that it shows and suggests, Point Blank opened in the U.S. in the same period as Bonnie and Clyde, becoming one more testament to the genre-bending and ground-breaking possibilities of the nascent Hollywood New Wave. Although Point Blank was mostly overlooked in 1967, Boorman's visual adventurousness, and Marvin's amoral and apathetic antihero, have since made Point Blank seem one of the key films of the mid-late '60s, a precursor to revisionist experimentations from Martin Scorsese to Quentin Tarantino. It was remade as the 1999 Mel Gibson vehicle Payback.

Point Blank - Volume 3  Comics

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Point Blank - Volume 3

Point Blank - Volume 3
Italian | CBR | 24 pages | 14.4 MB

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Vectors - Blank Different Packaging 5

Vectors - Blank Different Packaging 5
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Vectors - Realistic Blank Boards

Vectors - Realistic Blank Boards
3 AI | +TIFF Preview | 63 MB