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Iron Claw the Pirate / Demir pençe (korsan adam) (1969)  Video

Posted by fekmax at Nov. 29, 2016
Iron Claw the Pirate / Demir pençe (korsan adam) (1969)

Iron Claw the Pirate / Demir pençe (korsan adam) (1969)
Turkish | DVDRip | MKV | 712x576 | AVC @ 1800 kb/s | 1.19 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:24:51 minutes | Subs: English, Greek (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

With his operations in Istanbul being continually upset by the masked patriot-cum-vigilante Iron Claw the Pirate (Demir Karahan) and his female sidekick Mine (Nebahat Cehre), the legendary super villain Fantomas (Necati Er) travels to the city intent on eliminating the pair. In the meantime, a government operative, Yilmaz (Oktar Durukan), is killed during a raid on one of Fantomas's lairs and his brother Yildirim (Yildirim Gencer) vows revenge.
Demir Yumruk: Devler geliyor / Iron Fist: The Giants Are Coming (1970)

Demir Yumruk: Devler geliyor / Iron Fist: The Giants Are Coming (1970)
Turkish | DVDRip | MKV | 684x560 | AVC @ 1800 kb/s | 1.00 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 224 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:10:38 minutes | Subs: English, Greek (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

A stash of uranium is hidden away with the only clue being a dagger that has a map to the location engraved on it. The diabolical wheelchaired transvestite super villain Fu Mancu is after it, and not only wants to beat the cops, but also has competition, Cold War Style, from Russian villain Zagof. Fortunately, the Turkish police can count on Super-Bat-Man …

Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015)  Video

Posted by Helladot at Oct. 23, 2016
Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015)

Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015)
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 4816 Kbps | 1h 24mn | 3,36 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 5.1 @ 640 Kbps | Subs: English, S/T Chinese
Genre: Action, Sci-fi | Director: Ken'ichi Fujiwara

In the distant future where social order has collapsed, people are living under the constant fear of the ruthless bandits. However, there are also those who hunt them to make a living. Among those bounty hunters, there is a beautiful woman who is thought to be the best and strongest of them all. By wearing an armored suit of mysterious technology, she becomes virtually unstoppable. She is known as the 'Iron Girl'.

Flight From Vienna / Escape From the Iron Curtain (1956)  Video

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Flight From Vienna / Escape From the Iron Curtain (1956)

Flight From Vienna / Escape From the Iron Curtain (1956)
A Film by Denis Kavanagh
DVDRip | MKV | 56min 8s | 720x540 | AVC @ 1333Kbps | AAC @ 78Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 566 MB
Genre: Drama

A man seeking asylum takes desperate actions to prove his sincerity in this drama. The man is an important Hungarian official trying to defect to England. The British are unsure of his true loyalties and ask him to prove his loyalty to them by returning to his home and smuggling out a scientist who also wants to leave. The official does so and returns to England with the scientist. Someone then tries to kill him. He is saved and finally granted asylum.

The Iron Glove (1954)  Video

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The Iron Glove (1954)

The Iron Glove (1954)
English or Spanish (2 audio tracks) | TVRip | AVI | 640x480 | XviD @ 1200 kb/s | 764 MB
Audio: MP3 @ 128 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:12:38 minutes
Genre: Adventure

Irishman Charles Wogan wields his sword in the cause of James Stuart who seeks to replace George I on the throne of England.

Czlowiek z zelaza / Man of Iron (1981)  Video

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Czlowiek z zelaza / Man of Iron (1981)

Czlowiek z zelaza / Man of Iron (1981)
Polish | BRRip | MKV | 790x576 | AVC @ 2181 Kbps | 2.63 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 256 Kbps | 6 channels | 02:33:15 minutes | Subs: English, French (embedded)
Genre: Drama, History

A worker becomes a "man of iron" forged by experience, a son comes to terms with his father, a couple fall in love, a reporter searches for courage, and a nation undergoes historic change. In Warsaw in 1980, the Party sends Winkel, a weak, alcoholic TV hack, to Gdansk to dig up dirt on the shipyard strikers, particularly on Maciek Tomczyk, an articulate worker whose father was killed in the December 1970 protests.

The Iron Horse (1924)  Video

Posted by Helladot at Sept. 8, 2016
The Iron Horse (1924)

The Iron Horse (1924)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 2h 29mn | 3,51 Gb
Score AC3 5.1/2.0 @ 448/192 Kbps with English intertitles
Genre: Romance, Western | Director: John Ford

As crews labor to finish the first transcontinental railroad, Pony Express rider Davy Brandon (George O'Brien) returns to his hometown. There a childhood friend, Miriam (Madge Bellamy) – fiancée of the chief engineer (Cyril Chadwick) and daughter of the principal contractor – convinces him to aid in the project's completion. Although his father, a murdered railroad surveyor, passed on the knowledge needed for the job, a slew of saboteurs attempt to thwart Brandon in his efforts.

Generation Iron (2013)  Video

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Generation Iron (2013)

Generation Iron (2013)
BRRip | AVI | 720x400 | XviD@1600 Kbps | English MP3@192 Kbps | 2 channels | 1h 56mn | 1.47 GiB
BluRay 720p | MP4 | 1280x720 | AVC@1500 Kbps | English AAC@224 Kbps | 2 channels | 1h 56mn | 1.40 GiB
BluRay 1080p | MP4 | 1920x1080 | AVC@2500 Kbps | English AAC@224 Kbps | 2 channels | 1h 56mn | 2.22 GiB
Genre: Documentary | Drama | Sport

From the producer of the original classic Pumping Iron', comes "Generation Iron" the long awaited true story of dedication, rivalry, victory, defeat, redemption and triumph… The film examines the professional sport of bodybuilding today and gives us access to the lives of current bodybuilding stars Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez, Hidetada Yamagishi as well as ambitious newcomer Ben Pakulski and European sensation Roelly Winklaar on their journey to be crowned Mr. Olympia.

The Iron Giant (1999)  Video

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The Iron Giant (1999)

The Iron Giant (1999)
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920 x 800 | x264 @ 7182 Kbps | 89 min | 5,76 Gb
Audio: English DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | Subs: English, French, German, Spanish,
Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Korean, Thai
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

An enormous robot has come from deepest space, crash-landed on Earth, and followed eleven-year-old Hogarth Hughes home. Now, young Hogarth has one big friend and an even bigger problem: How do you keep a secret that's 50 feet tall? Especially when a paranoid government agent is on the "alien invader's" trail, bringing with him the full might of the U.S. military to destroy the giant.

Cross Of Iron (1977)  Video

Posted by Sartre at Aug. 17, 2016
Cross Of Iron (1977)

Cross Of Iron (1977)
BDRip | MKV | 2hr 12mn | 1920x1040 | AVC -> 4000 kbps | E-AC3 2.0 256kbps | 4.02 GB
War-Drama | Language: English | Subtitles: ENG | NitroFlare/UpToBox

Peckinpah's intense and belligerently non-commercial work, (based on the book by Willi Heinrich), is a World War II tale told from the German perspective, following a platoon of German soldiers in the Russia of 1943, when the German Wehrmacht forces had been decimated and the Germans were retreating along the Russian front. James Coburn is Steiner, a German corporal and recipient of the Iron Cross who feels that he owes his loyalty to his family and fellow soldiers and not to Hitler and the German war machine. But when a new commander, Captain Stransky (Maximillian Schell), takes over the platoon, Steiner and Stransky come into immediate conflict.