Dracula Trilogy (1999)  Games

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Dracula Trilogy (1999)

Dracula Trilogy (1999)
PC Game | Developer: Anuman Interactive | 5.3 GB
Languages: English
Rating: PEGI Rating: 16+ (with Violence)
Version GOG: &
Genre: Adventure - Point-and-click - Horror

Dracula (1931)  Video

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Dracula (1931)

Dracula (1931)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 970 x 720 | x264 @ 2056 Kbps | 1h 14mn | 1,21 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 160 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Classics | Director: Tod Browning

After a harrowing ride through the Carpathian mountains in eastern Europe, Renfield enters castle Dracula to finalize the transferral of Carfax Abbey in London to Count Dracula, who is in actuality a vampire. Renfield is drugged by the eerily hypnotic count, and turned into one of his thralls, protecting him during his sea voyage to London. After sucking the blood and turning the young Lucy Weston into a vampire, Dracula turns his attention to her friend Mina Seward, daughter of Dr. Seward who then calls in a specialist, Dr. Van Helsing, to diagnose the sudden deterioration of Mina's health. Van Helsing, realizing that Dracula is indeed a vampire, tries to prepare Mina's fiance, John Harker, and Dr. Seward for what is to come and the measures that will have to be taken to prevent Mina from becoming one of the undead.

M. J. Trow - La storia segreta di Dracula  eBooks & eLearning

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M. J. Trow - La storia segreta di Dracula

M. J. Trow - La storia segreta di Dracula
Italian | Newton | 2011 | EPUB | Pages 303 | ASIN: B0062ZLHMM | 0.69 Mb

Dracula (1992)  Video

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Dracula (1992)

Dracula (1992)
BDRip-DDH | Language: English
2h 7mn | 848x448 | x264 - 746Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 128Kbps | 799MiB
Genre: Horror | Romance

Dracula ORIGIN  Games

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Dracula ORIGIN

Dracula ORIGIN | 1.3 GB

Dracula: Origin reveals the origins of the Dracula curse. Once the ardent defender of Christendom, Dracula loses his faith in God when he is abandoned by his one true love after she marries. Dracula then makes a pact with the Prince of Darkness, and becomes a vampire.

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon (PC)  Games

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Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon (PC)

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon (PC) | 2.90 GB
Release Date: Aug 21, 2008
Genre: Adventure
Link (s): hotfile | uploading | rapidshare

Gameplay offers some similarly unwelcome surprises, at least after you get past all of the "Brand X" stuff. Dracula 3 is dry, traditional, and stilted. Nevertheless, there is one big changeup here in regard to puzzles. The designers chose to move away from cliched vampire plot devices and play up a more modern "It's the 20th century–there are no such things as vampires!" vibe that apparently seeks to explain bloodsucker fear as mere peasant legend. This is a nice switcheroo from the standard stake-the-fanged-guy credulity that usually accompanies any game about Dracula. But it's also pretty disingenuous in that you know from the very beginning that Father Arno won't be discovering that vampires are just make-believe after all.

Dracula: The Resurrection (PC)  Games

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Dracula: The Resurrection (PC)

Dracula: The Resurrection (PC) | 1.15 GB
Genre: Adventure
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Dracula Resurrection, a point-and-click adventure game from DreamCatcher Interactive, begins seven years after the primary events of the book. Mina has begun acting strangely, and some force is drawing her back to Transylvania. Harker follows his wife in hopes of saving her and finds that, indeed, Dracula is undead and well. But exactly how he returns from being a few handfuls of dust is never made clear. Perhaps the designers thought sunlight was an insufficient way to kill a vampire, even though it's been a staple of the vampire mythos. Whatever the reason, Dracula's titular revival is never explained or even discussed. He's just back, and the game begins from this shaky foundation.

Dracula Lives and other Dracula Comics  Magazines

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Dracula Lives and other Dracula Comics
Dracula Lives and other Dracula Comics

Dracula Lives and other Dracula Comics

Bram Stoker's, «Dracula»  eBooks & eLearning

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Bram Stoker's, «Dracula»

All eBook formats in one archive: Bram Stoker's, «Dracula»
Fictionwise | 1897 | Formats: LIT PDF IS.PDB MO.PRC FUB KML PDB RB | 3,77 Mb

Bram Stoker - Dracula  eBooks & eLearning

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Bram Stoker - Dracula

Bram Stoker - Dracula (AudioBook)
MP3 | 20kbps | 4.11.29 | 68.19 MB | English

The original story is more terrifying than any movie. Count Dracula has extraordinary needs, along with mysterious powers that allow him to satisfy them. No one really understands those powers or those needs until it is too late. There is nothing funny about the real Count Dracula.