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(Joseph STIGLITZ Interview) Environnement vs Economie (DVDrip)  2007   Re-post

(Joseph STIGLITZ Interview) Environnement vs Economie (DVDrip) 2007
RIP+UP | XviD-1250 | mp3@128 | 656x368 | English (French subbed) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 0h21+0h39 | 598 Mb
2007 Les productions Faire Bleu
Realisation Bernard JOSSE
Musique Leon MILO

Entretien (Paru dans le Magazine CHALLENGES du 15 Feb 2007) analyse très pertinente du Prix NOBEL, pour ceux qui se passionnent pour l'avenir (incertain) de notre planète …

Fire in the Blood (2013)  Video

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Fire in the Blood (2013)

Fire in the Blood (2013)
WEB-DL 1080p | English | MP4 | 1912 x 1080 | AVC ~4878 kbps | 25 fps
AAC | 126 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | Subs: English | 1h 23mn | 2.93 GB
Genre: Documentary, History

An intricate tale of "medicine, monopoly and malice", FIRE IN THE BLOOD tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the countries of the global south in the years after 1996 - causing ten million or more unnecessary deaths - and the improbable group of people who decided to fight back. Shot on four continents and including contributions from global figures such as Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu and Joseph Stiglitz, FIRE IN THE BLOOD is the never-before-told true story of the remarkable coalition which came together to stop 'the crime of the century' and save millions of lives in the process.
Selected Works of Joseph E. Stiglitz: Volume I: Information and Economic Analysis

Joseph E. Stiglitz, "Selected Works of Joseph E. Stiglitz: Volume I: Information and Economic Analysis "
English | ISBN: 0199533709 | 2009 | 767 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Economics, 4th Edition (repost)  

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Economics, 4th Edition (repost)

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Carl E. Walsh, "Economics, 4th Edition"
English | ISBN: 0393168174 | 2006 | PDF | 971 pages | 13 MB

Economics has been thoroughly revised, simplified, and updated for the Fourth Edition.
Co-written by Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize for his research on imperfect markets, and Carl E. Walsh, one of the leading monetary economists in the field, Economics is the most modern and accurate text available.
Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Audiobook | English | 2010 | ISBN: 0393075966 | m4a (MPEG-4) | 32 Kbps avg | 207 MB

Whither Socialism?  

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Whither Socialism?

Whither Socialism?
Publisher: The MIT Press | pages: 352 | 1996 | ISBN: 0262691825 | CHM | 12,5 mb

The rapid collapse of socialism has raised new economic policy questions and revived old theoretical issues. In this book, Joseph Stiglitz explains how the neoclassical, or Walrasian model (the formal articulation of Adam Smith's invisible hand), which has dominated economic thought over the past half century, may have wrongly encouraged the belief that market socialism could work. Stiglitz proposes an alternative model, based on the economics of information, that provides greater theoretical insight into the workings of a market economy and clearer guidance for the setting of policy in transitional economies. Stiglitz sees the critical failing in the standard neoclassical model underlying market socialism to be its assumptions concerning information, particularly its failure to consider the problems that arise from lack of perfect information and from the costs of acquiring information.
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Andrew Charlton - Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Andrew Charlton - Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development
Oxford University Press | 2006 | ISBN: 0199290903 | Pages: 344 | PDF | 5.31 MB

Making Globalization Work by Joseph E. Stiglitz  eBooks & eLearning

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Making Globalization Work by  Joseph E. Stiglitz

Making Globalization Work by Joseph E. Stiglitz (Author)
Publisher: W. W. Norton (September 18, 2006) | ISBN-10: 0393061221 | PDF | 4,5 Mb | 384 pages

A bold new blueprint for action from one of globalization's closest observers and toughest critics.
An imaginative and, above all, practical vision for a successful and equitable world, Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz's Making Globalization Work draws equally from his academic expertise and his time spent on the ground in dozens of countries around the world.
Steven Isserlis,  Roger Norrington - Joseph Haydn: Cello Concertos in C & D; Sinfonia Concertante (1998)

Joseph Haydn - Cello Concertos in C & D; Sinfonia Concertante (1998)
Steven Isserlis, cello; The Chamber Orchestra of Europe; Sir Roger Norrington, conductor

EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 358 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 196 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Classical | Label: RCA Red Seal | # 09026 68578 2 | Time: 01:15:22

What a versatile artist Steven Isserlis is. Having made his name as a sympathetic interpreter of a wide variety of romantic and modern music, here he shows he can be just as persuasive in eighteenth-century repertoire. His stylistic awareness is evident in beautiful, elegant phrasing, selective use of vibrato and varied articulation, giving an expressive range that never conflicts with the music’s natural language. In the cello concertos he is helped by an extremely sensitive accompaniment, stressing the chamber musical aspects of Haydn’s pre-London orchestral writing. The soft, intimate sonority at 3'06'' in the first movement of the D major is a typical example. The Adagios are taken at a flowing speed, but Isserlis’s relaxed approach means they never sound hurried. The Allegro molto finale of the C major Concerto, on the other hand, sounds poised rather than the helter-skelter we often hear. In his understanding of the music, Isserlis is a long way ahead of Han-na Chang, whose version places the emphasis on fine, traditional-style cello playing. Mork’s vivacious, imaginative performances characterize the music very strongly, but my preference would be for Isserlis’s and Norrington’s lighter touch and greater refinement.

Joseph Conrad - I duellanti  eBooks & eLearning

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Joseph Conrad - I duellanti

Joseph Conrad - I duellanti
Italian | e/o | 1994 | ASIN: B006DPOT0S | 112 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Rispetto al film che Ridley Scott ne ha tratto interpreti Harvey Keitel e Keith Carradine il racconto di Conrad ha una dimensione di affresco storico che sorprende in un racconto di non più di cento pagine. L’epopea napoleonica è raccontata attraverso le storie degli uomini che l’hanno fatta in quell’irripetibile coacervo di idealismi arrivismi senso dell’onore ambizioni coraggio e disperazione che caratterizzano gli ufficiali della Grande Armée. In un’epoca di tali sentimenti ed eccessi Conrad ambienta la vicenda straordinaria di due uomini che si odiano e s’inseguono attraverso l’Europa intrecciando un inquietante rapporto fatto di rancore, invidia, paura ma anche di rispetto e di lealtà.