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MSC Nastran v2017 (x64)  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Dec. 10, 2016
MSC Nastran v2017 (x64)

MSC Nastran v2017 (x64) | 2.78 Gb

MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimization and award winning embedded fatigue analysis technologies, all enabled by high performance computing.

Ada Boni - Il talismano della felicità [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by rotten comics at Dec. 7, 2016
Ada Boni - Il talismano della felicità [Repost]

Ada Boni - Il talismano della felicità
2006 | ISBN: 8886359837 | Italiano | 1230 Pagine | EPUB/MOBI/PDF | 6.7 MB

MSC Simufact Additive 1.0.0  Software

Posted by scutter at Nov. 26, 2016
MSC Simufact Additive 1.0.0

MSC Simufact Additive 1.0.0 | 470.3 mb

Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software company and expert in manufacturing process simulation, has announced the launch of Simufact Additive, a ground-breaking new software solution for the simulation of metal additive manufacturing processes.

MSC DYTRAN V2017  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Nov. 24, 2016

MSC DYTRAN V2017 | 345 Mb

Dytran is an explicit finite element analysis (FEA) solution for simulating short-duration events like impact and crash, and to analyze the complex nonlinear behavior that structures undergo during these events. Dytran enables you to study the structural integrity of designs to ensure that final products stand a better chance of meeting customer safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements.

MSC Simufact Welding 6.0  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Nov. 2, 2016
MSC Simufact Welding 6.0

MSC Simufact Welding 6.0 | 1.16 Gb

Simufact.welding helps simulate complex welding processes that may involve multiple welding sequences and predicts distortions of the components, while considering phase transformations occurring during the process. With Simufact.welding, users gain insight into the properties of the weld seam, and welding defects such as hot cracks, helping them to address problems prior to putting the process into use.

MSC Apex Fossa (x64)  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Nov. 1, 2016
MSC Apex Fossa (x64)

MSC Apex Fossa (x64) | 2.83 Gb

MSC Apex Fossa is the winner of 13 product awards and 25 patent filings to date, is the result of 450+ man years of software development and is in use in over 300 companies' worldwide. Now on its sixth release, Apex has advanced from a highly productive model-preparation tool to a complete simulation system.

Ada Boni, "Il talismano della felicità"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by TimMa at Sept. 24, 2016
Ada Boni, "Il talismano della felicità"

Ada Boni, "Il talismano della felicità"
Colombo | 2006 | ISBN: 8886359837 | Italian | EPUB/MOBI/PDF | 1060/1230 pages | 1/2.1/4.6 Mb

"Di Voi, Signore e Signorine, molte sanno suonare bene il pianoforte o cantare con grazia squisita, molte altre hanno ambitissimi titoli di studi superiori, conoscono le lingue moderne, sono piacevoli letterate o fini pittrici, ed altre ancora sono esperte nel tennis o nel golf, o guidano con salda mano il volante di una lussuosa automobile. …

MSC MARC v2016 (x64) with Documentation  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Sept. 11, 2016
MSC MARC v2016 (x64) with Documentation

MSC MARC v2016 (x64) with Documentation | 934 MB

Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis solution to accurately simulate the product behavior under static, dynamic and multi-physics loading scenarios. Marc's versatility in modeling nonlinear material behaviors and transient environmental conditions makes it ideal to solve your complex design problems.

MSC ADAMS v2016  Software

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MSC ADAMS v2016 | 1.12 Gb

Adams helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, and how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems.

Programming in Ada 2012  eBooks & eLearning

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Programming in Ada 2012

John Barnes, "Programming in Ada 2012"
English | ISBN: 110742481X | 2014 | 967 pages | PDF | 5 MB