Vychislitel / The Calculator (2014)  Video

Posted by JohnSmith at Aug. 10, 2015
Vychislitel / The Calculator (2014)

Vychislitel / The Calculator (2014)
BRRip | MKV / XviD@1914 kb/s | 720x304 | 1h 23mn | 1.36 GB | Russian: AC3, 384 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtiltes: English
Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Ten prisoners condemned to exile on a hostile planet XT-59 must pave the way through swamp to reach the Islands of Happiness, the only safe area on the planet, before the harsh climate or the underground horrors kill them all.

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO v4.12.147  Software

Posted by Orten at May 23, 2017
Graphing Calculator + Math PRO v4.12.147

Graphing Calculator + Math PRO v4.12.147 | 5.6 MB

If you're looking for a graphing calculator app that works smoothly and seamlessly, you've found it! Graphing Calculator by Mathlab is a scientific graphing calculator integrated with algebra and is an indispensable mathematical tool for students in elementary school to those in college or graduate school, or just anyone who needs more than what a basic calculator offers. It is designed to replace bulky and costly handheld graphing calculators and works on virtually any Android phone or tablet.

Natural Scientific Calculator Premium v5.9.7  Software

Posted by Orten at May 19, 2017
Natural Scientific Calculator Premium v5.9.7

Natural Scientific Calculator Premium v5.9.7 | 6.7 MB

Loved by millions of users, Android's highest rated scientific calculator. Natural Scientific Calculator utilizes Rove to allow to you edit wherever you need to. Unlike other calculators which make you mash buttons to move a cursor, our app allows you to simply swipe on the keyboard to get to where you need. You can also pinch to zoom and get an overview of complex equations.Write as you would on paper.

Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) v2.01  Software

Posted by Orten at May 14, 2017
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) v2.01

Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) v2.01 | 3.6 M

A must have app for every physician or nurse to calculate the most difficult intravenous PICU , ICU and NICU drugs doses or just the simplest outpatient daily oral medications. Whether you are a Pediatrician, Anesthesiologist, Intensivist, General Practitioner, RN or any medical specialty, this app is for you.

Calculator Plus v5.2.4  Software

Posted by Orten at May 13, 2017
Calculator Plus v5.2.4

Calculator Plus v5.2.4 | 6.6 MB

I'm Calculator Plus - the perfect calculator for Android. I'm easy to use and beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld calculator ever did. I'm big, easy to read, and I love saving you time and effort. I remember everything you calculate, and let you review it anytime, making me perfect for shopping, doing homework, balancing checkbooks, or even helping with taxes. And if you need to quit and go do something else, I'll have it all waiting for you when you come back. You'll never need to type the same calculation twice again.

Scientific Calculator v2.9.1 [Ad Free]  Software

Posted by Orten at May 13, 2017
Scientific Calculator v2.9.1 [Ad Free]

Scientific Calculator v2.9.1 [Ad Free] | 2 MB

Scientific Calculator with Percentage Calculator, Currency Converter, Standard and Tip Calculator. This calculator app is All In One calculator for your everyday calculations. You can use this app as math calculator with range of functions, Currency converter with live rate updates - for example to convert euro to dollar, Percentage calculator for calculating discounts and percentage or Tip calculator to split the bill between any number of people.

EJuice Calculator v7.0.8 Patched  Software

Posted by Orten at May 13, 2017
EJuice Calculator v7.0.8 Patched

EJuice Calculator v7.0.8 Patched | 6 MB

EJuice Calculator is the original US Based simple and intuitive calculator. Ejuice Calculator is the original calculator in the US. It is a project 4 years in the making and is becoming the standard for ejuice calculators. Built for the DIY'er but powerful enough for the Brick and Mortar. Used by many vape shops around the United States.

All-in-One Calculator Pro v1.4.1  Software

Posted by Orten at May 9, 2017
All-in-One Calculator Pro v1.4.1

All-in-One Calculator Pro v1.4.1 | 5.7 MB

All-in-One Calculator is a lightweight, clean and easy to use calculator and unit converter pack. Containing over 50 calculators and unit converters packed in with a scientific calculator with 40 vibrant colour themes, it's the only math app you will ever need from now on on your device.

CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.9  Software

Posted by Samsan at May 1, 2017
CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.9

CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.9 | Android | 6.5 MB

CalcKit: All in One Calculator is a lightweight, clean and easy to use all in one package with over 150 unique calculators and converters. Containing a large collection of unit converter, electronic and mathematic calculators, packed in with a beautifully designed Scientific Calculator, it's the only calculator app you will ever need on your device. It contains great calculators for school and homework, but not only. If you're a scholar, student, teacher, handyman, enthusiast, engineer… and you need an all in one calculator for your device, give CalcKit a try.

Fraction Calculator Plus v4.0.1  Software

Posted by Orten at May 1, 2017
Fraction Calculator Plus v4.0.1

Fraction Calculator Plus v4.0.1 | 4.9 MB

I'm Fraction Calculator Plus and I'm the best and easiest way to deal with everyday fraction problems. Whether you're checking homework, preparing recipes, or working on craft or even construction projects, I can help: Wish you could find the time to check your kids' math homework? Now checking fraction math takes just seconds. Need to adjust recipe quantities for a larger guest list? Let me adjust your cup and teaspoon quantities. Working on a craft or home project in inches? Stop double-or-triple calculating on paper - let me do it once, accurately.