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Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri & Daniel Levin - New Artifacts (2017)  Music

Posted by Domestos at Sept. 6, 2017
Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri & Daniel Levin - New Artifacts (2017)

Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri & Daniel Levin - New Artifacts (2017)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) ~ 230.06 Mb | 43:14 | Covers (front+back)
Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Clean Feed | Label: Clean Feed (CF412CD)

“New Artifacts” documents a thrilling concert in Brooklyn by Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri, and Daniel Levin. The performance captured here transformed the listeners in attendance that evening, bringing them into a creative world open with possibilities. Now, with this recording, Malaby, Maneri, and Levin invite you into their narrative of sound. This is music rich in gesture, and a music that is lyrical at its core. Its lyricism does not set itself in song form, yet is deeply reminiscent of the emotional ethos of vocal forms. This lyricism becomes the ground of the compositional field these three artists enter into: It is a field that is open to asides, proclamations, intimate words, and cries across a great space. The human voice is translated to their instruments with great compulsion. We hear Tony Malaby’s voice on his saxophones as a big circle, or perhaps a vibrant sphere in open space, with wind and light inside it – and this shared space is mirrored by the strings. At times, it’s as if Daniel Levin’s cello and Mat Maneri’s viola become saxophones, too, and vice versa. We are lucky to have a document of this special concert, to provide an opportunity for those of us who were not there that night to experience the magic of this music for themselves.
Samo Salamon, Tony Malaby & Roberto Dani - Traveling Moving Breathing (2018)

Samo Salamon, Tony Malaby & Roberto Dani - Traveling Moving Breathing (2018)
Jazz | WEB FLAC (tracks) & front cover | 277 MB
Label: Clean Feed | Tracks: 09 | Time: 58:28 min

A former student of John Scofield, Samo Salamon was named by the magazine Guitar Player as one of 10 most interesting guitarists of the moment, with All About Jazz stating that this Slovenian is «one of the most talented and interesting to emerge on today’s jazz scene», putting him at the same level of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder.
Nick Fraser, Tony Malaby & Kris Davis - Too Many Continents (2015)

Nick Fraser, Tony Malaby & Kris Davis - Too Many Continents (2015)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 46:42 min | 107 MB
Genre: Jazz, Improvised Music | Label: Clean Feed

Little by little (we would prefer otherwise, but that’s how things go), all that the Canadian scene has to offer comes to light. Drummer and composer Nick Fraser is a fundamental figure of the progressive jazz circuit established in Toronto, due to his «feeling for economical gestures and innate sense of form», as critic Mark Miller wrote. And indeed, he’s out in the open: after playing with the likes of Anthony Braxton, Dave Liebman, Marilyn Crispell and David Binney, in this new opus he has the company of two other notable musicians with international reputations: Tony Malaby and Kris Davis. They enable him to give some groove to the music (wrong: lots of it!) and to be a colorist whenever needed, going to avant-garde land without losing sight of the jazz tradition.

Tony Malaby Tamarindo - Somos Agua (2014)  Music

Posted by mark70 at Oct. 18, 2014
Tony Malaby Tamarindo - Somos Agua (2014)

Tony Malaby Tamarindo - Somos Agua (2014)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 55:04 min | 131 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: Clean Feed

Saxophonist Tony Malaby's Tamarindo, featuring the unerring bassist William Parker and explosive drummer Nasheet Waits explore the possibilities of the saxophone trio on Somos Agua with frequently staggering results—sort of like a very free version of the Sonny Rollins unit with Wilbur Ware and Elvin Jones that recorded A Night at the Village Vanguard some 57 years ago.

Tony Malaby - Tamarindo (2008)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at May 26, 2010
Tony Malaby - Tamarindo (2008)

Tony Malaby - Tamarindo
Jazz | 2008 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 123 MB | Time 51:34 | Covers

Opening that buried head, up and down the staircase steps coalescing into time articulation with sparks abounding - Nasheet and William mixing and matching - Malaby suspending the buried head, buried in suspensions. Soprano head, oboe neck, fluted torso. Body language spoken fluently, listen, listen HEAR. Modulation in time, in tempo, in tone, in color.
Louie Belogenis; Tony Malaby;  Trevor Dunn;  Ryan Sawyer - Twice Told Tales (2003)

Louie Belogenis & Tony Malaby - Twice Told Tales
Jazz | 2003 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 128 MB | Time 54:47 | Front-cover

Free jazz need not only be about ear-rending howls and instrument-splintering dissonance. Belogenis and Malaby extol the virtues of this truism at length and as such their shared music with Dunn and Sawyer comes across as far more satisfying than the usual horns-bass-drums blowout. It’s this difference that will likely translate into higher visibility for their collective and individual talents on the hardscrabble proving ground that is the New York scene.

Tony Malaby - Paloma Recio (2009)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at April 22, 2010
Tony Malaby - Paloma Recio (2009)

Tony Malaby - Paloma Recio
Jazz | 2009 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 127 MB | Time 57:54 | Covers

This disc is a well-balanced collection of improvisations sculpted from Malaby's ideas, which he describes as "graphic scores" as opposed to notated events. Unquestionably, that open approach requires a considerate band, and Malaby has assembled one here. With guitarist Ben Monder, bassist Eivind Opsvik and drummer Nasheet Waits, the music opens into multiple possibilities.
Mark Helias' Open Loose with Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey - New School (2001)

Mark Helias' Open Loose with Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey - New School
Jazz | 2001 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 112 MB | Time 48:47 | Covers

On September 21, 2000, bassist Mark Helias and Open Loose took the stage at Manhattan's New School University as part of an annual concert series produced by the Jazz Composers Collective. Happily, the tape was rolling and this superb CD is the result. The aptly named trio features tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby and drummer Tom Rainey.

Daniel Humair; Joachim Kühn; Tony Malaby - Full Contact (2008)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at March 10, 2010
Daniel Humair; Joachim Kühn; Tony Malaby - Full Contact (2008)

Daniel Humair; Joachim Kühn; Tony Malaby - Full Contact
Jazz | 2008 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 125 MB | Time 53:32 | Covers

This transatlantic collaboration features the long-established partnership of Swiss sticksman Daniel Humair and German pianist Joachim Kühn, but the presence of saxophonist Tony Malaby further establishes the latter's fast-ascending status outside of the US. The reedman isn't blowing as belligerently as usual, tempted into exposing his softer side, his warm tone denuded of its lime-scale textures

Tony Malaby - Adobe (2004)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at March 4, 2010
Tony Malaby - Adobe (2004)

Tony Malaby - Adobe
Jazz | 2004 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 123 MB | Time 52:29 | Covers

Malaby's fourth solo album. A work enriched greatly by the lively and sincere musical relationship among Malaby, Drew Gress (bass), and Paul Motian (drums), Adobe moves in assured, sinuous grooves of mind and soul. The five originals and four covers are all treated with an unhurried pace that primarily showcase Malaby's melodic dissections, but they also show the dynamic support in rhythm by bassist Gress and drummer Motian.