Transparent Season 2 (2015)  Video

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Transparent Season 2 (2015)

Transparent Season 2 (2015)
HDTV | MKV/AVC ~26,3 Mbps | 3840x1920 | ~30 mn | 57.45 GiB
English: AC3, 640 Kbps (2 ch) | Russian: AC3, 192 Kbps (2 ch) | Subtitles: Russian
Genre: Comedy | Drama

An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out.

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)  Video

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The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)
English | DVDRip | MKV | AVC, 2174 Kbps | 672x370 | 23.976 fps | 989 MB
Audio: AC-3, 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 00:57:17 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi

Paul Krenner, an ex-major with delusions of grandeur, has forced scientist Peter Ulof to develop a radiation-based technique to turn men invisible, with which process he plans to create an invisible army to sell to the highest bidder. He busts safecracker Joey Faust out of prison and forces him to undergo the invisibility treatment so he can steal more radium to further the experimentation. Plans go awry when Faust discovers there is a side-effect to the invisibility treatments he didn't count on.

Transparent Lama from Bhutan - by Anna Novikova (2006)  Video

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Transparent Lama from Bhutan - by Anna Novikova (2006)

Transparent Lama from Bhutan - by Anna Novikova (2006)
DVD5 | English + Russian | MPEG2 | PAL 16:9 | 720x480 | 7000 kbps | MP3 | 48 KHz, 2 ch | ~384 Kbps | 3.59 GB
Documentary, History, Biography

Film “Transparent Lama from Bhutan” is the biography of one of the great teachers of Tibetan Buddhism school Karma Kagyu – Lama Tseche Rinpoche. The general plans of two countries are involved in the film: last years of his life he was the abbot of the monastery in Nepal , and Bhutan is the country where he was born. His first western students Ole and Hannah Nydahl share the memories about their spiritual teacher Tseche Rinpoche. The chronicle from Tseche Rinpoche's life is also used in the film.

The Mystery of Picasso  Video

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The Mystery of Picasso

The Mystery of Picasso [Le Mystère Picasso]
1956 | France | Color and B&W | 75 Mins. | Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
NTSC DVD-Video | R0 | 4.16 GB @ RS

A filmed record of Pablo Picasso painting numerous canvases for the camera, allowing us to see his creative process at work.

“When we are all dead, you and me and everyone,” said Clouzot to Picasso, “the film will still continue to be projected.”
“One of the most exciting and joyful movies ever made!”— Pauline Kael
“Pure and delightful enchantment — a feast for the eyes.
A film anyone interested in art or the creative process should see.”— Raymond J. Steiner, Art Times
“Amazing. ‘Picasso’ may be the most original art documentary ever made.”— Newsweek
“Rare, precious and irreplaceable. This is an unparalleled opportunity to watch one of the world’s most creative minds — the Twentieth Century equivalent of watching Michelangelo transform the Sistine chapel.”— Catharine Rambeau, Detroit Free Press Illustrator CS4 One on One Advanced DVD  Video

Posted by moitapchoi at July 10, 2009 Illustrator CS4 One on One Advanced DVD Illustrator CS4 One on One Advanced DVD
Date : 7/9/2009 | 1.69 GB

After learning the fundamentals of drawing and reshaping paths in Adobe Illustrator CS4, the fun really begins. In Illustrator CS4 One-on-One: Advanced, the second installment in the popular One-on-One series, computer graphics expert Deke McClelland explores some of Illustrator's most powerful and least understood features. He shows how to merge simple shapes to create complex ones with the Pathfinder palette and how to align paths to create schematic illustrations. Deke explains how to paint fluid, multicolor fills with blends, Gradient Mesh, and the new and improved gradient tools. He also explores seamlessly repeating tile patterns, blobs and brushes, and imported images. He wraps things up with a look at one of the deepest features in Illustrator, transparency. Exercise files accompany the training.
Illustrator CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals is a recommended prerequisite for this course. Look for the third part in the series, Illustrator CS4 One-on-One: Mastery, later this year.

Vray Tutorials + Materials  Video

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Vray Tutorials + Materials

Vray Tutorials + Materials | 339 MB


Photoshop CS2 FAQs with: Peter Bauer  Video

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Photoshop CS2 FAQs  with: Peter Bauer

Photoshop CS2 FAQs with: Peter Bauer
Running Time: 4.75 hours | english | one cd 450 mb | .mov files

How many times a day when you are using Photoshop do you stop and ask yourself a question that begins something like "How do I…" or "Where is…" or "What the…"? Rather than pulling out your hair in frustration, watch Photoshop CS2 FAQs with Peter Bauer! This video-based tutorial is a terrific resource designed to help you find the answers to more than 100 of the questions most frequently asked by typical Photoshop users. Each video in this title provides an answer to a specific question. Questions like "How can I reset Photoshop's Preferences?"; "How can I find the new features in Photoshop CS2?"; and "What do I do when Photoshop tells me it can't save my file?" are all covered in this tutorial. You will learn how to set up Photoshop to create the most trouble-free working environment and how to solve dozens of common problems faced when working with this complex and powerful program. You will also gain an understanding of key Photoshop concepts along the way. So the next time you get stumped by something in Photoshop and are ready to scream, turn to Peter and his Photoshop CS2 FAQs instead.

Photoshop CS2 for the Web Essential Training with: Tanya Staples  Video

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Photoshop CS2 for the Web Essential Training  with: Tanya Staples

Photoshop CS2 for the Web Essential Training with: Tanya Staples
Running Time: 11.5 hours | english | 2 cd 1.3 gb | .mov files

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for the web Essential Training with Tanya Staples teaches beginning to intermediate-level users how to design Web graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS2. The training covers designing effective navigation, optimizing images for the Web, creating background images, working with transparent images, slicing images, creating rollovers, creating image maps, designing animations, exporting images to Macromedia Flash, and much more. Integration with other applications, such as Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash, is also covered. Sample files are included so you can work along with Tanya as she instructs.

Arte - Life in Hell (2010)  Video

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Arte - Life in Hell (2010)

Arte - Life in Hell (2010)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3609 Kbps | 4x~49min | 5.00 GiB
Audio: English AAC 249 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

Just 30 years ago, scientists believed that certain places on Earth were sterile. Life there was simply impossible, just as it is absent from other planets. But we now know certain creatures are perfectly adapted to these conditions, which would prove fatal for the vast majority of organisms. Scientists have dubbed them “extremophiles” – those who like extreme conditions. These documentaries pack a strong visual punch, combining numerous Cineflex aerial shots with the latest techniques for filming with optical and electronic microscopy.

The Mystery of Picasso / Le Mystère Picasso (1956)  Video

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The Mystery of Picasso / Le Mystère Picasso (1956)

The Mystery of Picasso / Le Mystère Picasso (1956)
PDTV | 640 x 480 | .AVI/XviD @ 1540 Kbps | 1h 14mn | French MP3 128 Kbps, 2 channels | 895 MB
Genre: Documentary, Arts

Like a matador confronting a bull, the artist approaches his easel, his eyes blazing. As he wields his brush, we see through the canvas as the artwork unfolds, erupts, dances into being before our eyes. Pablo Picasso, the most influential artist of the twentieth century, is making a painting, and Henri- Georges Clouzot, the famous French director (The Wages of Fear, Diabolique), is making a movie.