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Andras Schiff - J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations (2003)  Music

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Andras Schiff - J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations (2003)

András Schiff - J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations (2003)
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Genre: Classical | Label: ECM | # ECM New Series ‎1825, 472 185-2 | Time: 01:11:03

Who needs another recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations? After all, there have been so many great recordings of the work already – Landowska, Kempff, Gould, Pinnock, and Leonhardt, to name a few – that surely no one needs another recording of the Goldberg. Actually, everyone needs another recording of the Goldbergs provided that it's a recording of a great performance. There's too much in the Goldberg – too much brilliance, too much sorrow, too much humor, too much spirituality – for any one performance, even the best performance, to contain all of it. So long as the performance honors the work's honesty, integrity, and virtuosity, there's always room for another Goldberg on the shelf. This 2001 recording by Andras Schiff belongs on any shelf of great Goldbergs. Schiff has everything it takes – the virtuosity; the integrity; and most importantly, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual honesty – to turn in a great Goldberg. Indeed, Schiff has already done so in his 1982 Decca recording of the work, a lucid and pellucid performance of tremendous beauty and depth. But as good as the 1982 recording was, the 2001 recording is better.
Andras Schiff - Encores after Beethoven (2016) {ECM New Series 1950}

András Schiff - Encores after Beethoven (2016) {ECM New Series 1950}
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Classical / Piano

Between March 2004 and May 2006 András Schiff performed the complete cycle of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas at the Tonhalle, Zürich, recorded and released by ECM New Series. This collection presents the encores from these concerts. What does one play after Beethoven sonatas? András Schiff: “For me it's essential not to seek entertainment but rather to look for pieces that are closely related to the previously heard sonatas.” The pianist explores links to Schubert, Mozart, Haydn and Bach. For all the interconnecting strands of musical history, András Schiff’s selection of encores also adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable ‘recital’ disc in its own right.
Andras Schiff - Johann Sebastian Bach: 6 Partitas, BWV 825-830 (1984) 2CD, Reissue 2007

András Schiff - Johann Sebastian Bach: 6 Partitas, BWV 825-830 (1984) 2CD
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Genre: Classical | Label: Decca | # 475 8234 | Time: 02:17:18

When it came time for Johann Sebastian Bach to publish his Opus 1, what work do you think he picked? One of the sacred cantatas? One of the Brandenburg Concertos? One of the cello suites? No, none of the above. In 1726, Bach chose his B flat major Partita to start his publishing career – and once a year for the next five years, he published five more partitas, then collected them under the title Clavier-Übung in 1731. When it came time for Hungarian pianist András Schiff to make his major-label debut, what work do you think he picked? Yes, that's right. In 1985, Schiff released his recording of the complete partitas – and followed it with many more Bach recordings over the next few years until he'd released nearly the complete canonical works by 1996. And yes, Schiff's partitas are wonderful.
Andras Schiff, Ivan Fischer, BFO - Bela Bartok: Piano Concertos Nos. 1-3 (1996)

Béla Bartók - Piano Concertos Nos. 1-3 (1996)
András Schiff, piano; Budapest Festival Orchestra, conducted by Iván Fischer

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Genre: Classical | Label: Teldec Classics | # 0630-13158-2 | Time: 01:16:26

First there was rhythm - pulsing, driving, primal rhythm. And a new word in musical terminology: Barbaro. As with sticks on skins, so with hammers on strings. The piano as one of the percussion family, the piano among the percussion family. The first and second concertos were written to be performed that way. But the rhythm had shape and direction, myriad accents, myriad subtleties. An informed primitivism. A Baroque primitivism. Then came the folkloric inflections chipped from the music of time: the crude and misshapen suddenly finding a singing voice. Like the simple melody - perhaps a childhood recollection - that emerges from the dogged rhythm of the First Concerto's second movement. András Schiff plays it like a defining moment - the piano reinvented as a singing instrument. His "parlando" (conversational) style is very much in Bartók's own image. But it's the balance here between the honed and unhoned, the brawn and beauty, the elegance and wit of this astonishing music that make these readings special.
Andras Schiff - J.S. Bach: 6 French Suites, Italian Concerto, French Overture (1993) 2CD

András Schiff - J.S. Bach: 6 French Suites, Italian Concerto, French Overture (1993) 2CD
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Genre: Classical | Label: Decca | # 433 313-2 DH2 | Time: 02:09:15

András Schiff is one of the best Bach players among Gould, Rosalyn Tureck and Wanda Landowska. On Schiff's French Suites, every part from every suite has a different color and gives you different feeling. Every harmony is taken to its end with care, and dynamic balance is always delightful to listen. Articulation of the notes is excellent, full of humour, and in some places you surely start to smile and you feel very happy when you listen to Schiff. He also plays the slow parts very deeply and warmly, which is for some artists a big problem when playing Bach. There are also Italian Concerto and French Overture on the CD's, played brilliantly, so this set is really worth buying. Recommended for everyone.

Andras Schiff - Mozart Piano Concertos: 9 CD Box Set (1995)  Music

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Andras Schiff - Mozart Piano Concertos: 9 CD Box Set (1995)

Andras Schiff - Mozart Piano Concertos: 9 CD Box Set (1995)
Classical, Chamber, Concerto | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 1,36 Gb | Covers 83 Mb
Label: Decca | Release Year: 1995

This 9-disc set includes the mature solo piano concertos in performances by Andras Schiff and the Salzburg Camerata Academica under Sandor Vegh. The piano sound is notably more recessed than in other versions, giving more attention to the orchestral half of the musical dialog. Additionally, the Bosendorfer piano used by Schiff produces a sound that will not be confused with a modern Steinway.

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Books I & II - Andras Schiff (2012)  Music

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Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Books I & II - Andras Schiff (2012)

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Books I & II - Andras Schiff (2012)
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Genre: Classical | Label: Ecm | Catalog Number: 001733702

As a young pianist, András Schiff earned wide esteem for his 1980s recordings of the major keyboard works of J.S. Bach; in recent years, as part of his long term relationship with ECM, he has gone back to Bach as a sage veteran, earning more acclaim for his New Series recordings of the Goldberg Variations (2003) and the six Partitas (2009). Now, using his own Steinway, Schiff turns his focus to the 48 preludes and fugues of The Well-Tempered Clavier, making studio recordings in Lugano of both books for this 4-CD set.

J.S. BACH: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Andras Schiff  Music

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J.S. BACH: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Andras Schiff

J.S. BACH: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Andras Schiff
Classical | CD | MP3 | 192 kbps | NO BOOKS NO COVER | 97 MB
Decca B000E6EGX2 | Release Date: 1993

Among recordings of Bach's monumental "Goldberg Variations" on the piano, András Schiff's 1982 set is justly famous. Unlike so many discs that have been issued in tired series designated "legendary recordings" or some other such term, this one fully lives up to the billing with its incredible delineation of Bach's contrapuntal lines. You hear every note, every hidden piece of the inner clockwork of each variation. Sample variation 14, with its trills erupting sharply from each line like spring flowers blooming with freakishly rapid intensity – nobody else has ever given this variation such a glittering quality. Even as Schiff uses the full resources of the piano, with lots of pedal and thoroughly unidiomatic crescendos, he articulates every note Bach wrote. Schiff sets himself technical challenges and then surmounts them. Beginning with the opening Aria he sets a blistering pace – one that may seem too fast, especially in the slow variations, to those raised on Glenn Gould's dreamy readings. But listen to the high-wire act Schiff performs in the canonic variation 21. The intensity is ramped up by the fact that Schiff often barely pauses between variations; one idea follows another, from both Bach and Schiff, with breakneck speed.
Cecilia Bartoli, Andras Schiff ‎- Italian Songs: Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn (1993)

Cecilia Bartoli, András Schiff ‎- Italian Songs: Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn (1993)
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Genre: Classical, Vocal | Label: Decca | # 440 297-2 | Time: 01:07:59

This was to be the end of the line for Italian word-setting by Viennese composers: once the confident sentiments that belonged to the poet Metastasio's opera seria felt the chill and threatening wind of Enlightenment and Revolution, their time was up. Even we, for the most part, prefer to remember the German-speaking Beethoven, Schubert and Haydn. So it is good to be reminded of their responses to the Italian muse (usually as part of their craft-learning student work) in this particularly well-cast recital. Central Europe, in the person of Andras Schiff meets Italy, in Cecilia Bartoli, to delightful, often revelatory effect.
Andras Schiff, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Camerata Bern - Bach: Complete Keyboard Concertos [2010/1989-1993]

Bach J.S. - Complete Keyboard Concertos (Andras Schiff) [2010/1989-1993]
Classical | DECCA 478 2363 DC4 | TT: 55.02+52.48+62.23+55.53 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 915 Mb

For those that prefer to hear these works on piano rather than harpsichord, you can hardly find more enjoyable, illuminating, and elegant performances than these. Andras Schiff has surely become one of the most prominent proponents of J.S. Bach on the piano and its hard to believe these particular discs were ever allowed to slip from commercial availability. Their re-issue here is reason to rejoice. It is with good reason that another chapter in the career of Andras Schiff has started recently with his new series of Beethoven Sonatas on ECM, and of course more Bach. He is a true master, and the Bach Concerto recordings with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, led by Schiff himself, exemplify this and count as essential listening.