Biosoft Primer Premier v6.00.60006  Software

Posted by rslink at Aug. 27, 2010
Biosoft Primer Premier v6.00.60006

Biosoft Primer Premier v6.00.60006 | 50.8 MB

Primer Premier is the most comprehensive software to design and analyze PCR primers.
Primer Premier's search algorithm finds optimal PCR, multiplex, SNP genotyping and degenerate primers with the most accurate melting temperature using the nearest neighbor thermodynamic algorithm. Primers are screened for secondary structures, dimers, hairpins, homologies and physical properties before reporting the best ones for your sequence, in ranked order. Equipped with a handy calculator, you can easily manipulate sequences and analyze the results of your primer design.
Load the gene of interest from NCBI, select a search range, sit back and let Primer Premier pick the best possible primers for you.

Biosoft PrimerPlex v2.11.21103  Software

Posted by rslink at Aug. 26, 2010
Biosoft PrimerPlex v2.11.21103

Biosoft PrimerPlex v2.11.21103 | 50.6 MB

PrimerPlex is an efficient and sophisticated tool for designing oligos for multiplex analysis on suspension array systems such as Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and Bio-Plex 200. Based on Luminex xMAP® technology, these systems offer a versatile platform for multiplex nucleic acid detection in the 96-well format.

Premier Biosoft - 3 biotechnology tools  Software

Posted by mimike at July 27, 2006
Premier Biosoft - 3 biotechnology tools

Premier Biosoft - 3 biotechnology tools | RapidShare
Biotechnology tools: Primer Premier, SimVector, Array Designer