Hiromi - Move (2012) {Japanese Edition}  Music

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Hiromi - Move (2012) {Japanese Edition}

Hiromi - Move (2012) {Japanese Edition}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 445 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 167 Mb
Full Scans (JPG, 600 dpi) ~ 52 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery
Jazz, Post-Bop, Fusion, Piano Jazz | Telarc / Universal Classics & Jazz #UCCT-1240

Move is Hiromi's second "Trio Project" recording with electric bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips, and is a worthy follow-up to 2011's Voice. The pianist/composer defines the compositions on Move as mirroring an average day, starting with the title track, a choppy excursion that finds the trio connecting through a maze of twists and turns. "Brand New Day" is smoother than the previous track but doesn't lose any of the energy. Hiromi switches between piano and an analog synthesizer on "Endeavor," which, unfortunately, sounds like a novelty and cheapens the otherwise enjoyable composition. "Rainmaker" glides between fusion and post-bop. "Margarita!" is fun party funk. The final track, "11:49 PM," brings the day, and this very satisfying session, to its conclusion.

Jonesy - Keeping Up... (1973) {2005, Japanese Reissue, Remastered}  Music

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Jonesy - Keeping Up... (1973) {2005, Japanese Reissue, Remastered}

Jonesy - Keeping Up… (1973) {2005, Japanese Reissue, Remastered}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 263 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 127 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 600 dpi) | RAR 5% Recovery
Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock | Strange Days Records #WAS-1079

Rhythm team David Paull and Jim Payne left Jonesy after the release of the band's debut No Alternative. In their stead came Gypsy Jones and Plug Thomas, along with trumpeter/woodwind player Alan Bown and string arranger Ray Russell upending their previous sound. "Masquerade," which opened their sophomore Keeping Up set, immediately introduced the new crew across a dizzying array of genres. Shades of new romantics to come haunt the early passages, but then the song rounds on funk, delves deep into moody waters, pooling around woodwind and trumpet solos whipped to a froth by the lush strings while operatic vocals soar overhead. The new players weren't the only changes to be heard within; guitarist John Evan Jones had recently discovered the delight of the wah-wah pedal, and showcases it across many of the tracks.
Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Ed. - (2008) [Japanese Ed. 2018] 2CD

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Ed. - (2008) [Japanese Ed. 2018] 2CD
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Scans
323 + 371 Mb | 97 + 109 Mb | 31 Mb | Time: 41:41 + 46:31
Rubicon Music | RBNCD-1249
Folk/Power Metal, Pirate Metal

Back in 2008, Alestorm were mere newcomers and beginners – and yet they created a modern metal classic and a completely new subgenre. Captain Morgan`s Revenge marks the birth of Pirate Metal as we know it today and turned a couple of young Scotsmen into the hottest band of the moment. Ten years later their boozy debut gets its well-deserved anniversary treatment: Captain Morgan`s Revenge – 10th Anniversary Edition has received a fresh remix and remastering by original producer Lasse Lammert at his LSD studios plus rejuvenated artwork. The „Live At Summer Breeze“ bonus disc is a true gem for all collectors, new fans and nostalgics alike.

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (1977) {1991, Japanese Reissue}  Music

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Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (1977) {1991, Japanese Reissue}

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (1977) {1991, Japanese Reissue}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 279 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 120 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 600 dpi) | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal | Epic / Sony Records #ESCA 5251

Judas Priest's major-label debut Sin After Sin marks their only recording with then-teenage session drummer Simon Phillips, whose technical prowess helps push the band's burgeoning aggression into overdrive. For their part, K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton employ a great deal more of the driving, palm-muted power-chord picking that would provide the basic rhythmic foundation of all but the most extreme heavy metal from here on out. Sin After Sin finds Priest still experimenting with their range, and thus ends up as perhaps their most varied outing. Yet despite the undeniably tremendous peaks here, the overall package doesn't cohere quite as well as on Sad Wings of Destiny, simply because the heavy moments are so recognizable as the metal we know today that the detours stick out as greater interruptions of the album's flow.

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me (2002) {Japanese Limited Edition}  Music

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Norah Jones - Come Away With Me (2002) {Japanese Limited Edition}

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me (2002) {Japanese Limited Edition}
2CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) + Cue + m3u + Log ~ 348 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 151 Mb
Full Scans (JPG, 600 dpi) ~ 59 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery
Pop, Vocal Jazz | Blue Note / Toshiba-EMI Ltd. #TOCP-67140-41

Norah Jones' debut on Blue Note is a mellow, acoustic pop affair with soul and country overtones, immaculately produced by the great Arif Mardin. (It's pretty much an open secret that the 22-year-old vocalist and pianist is the daughter of Ravi Shankar.) Jones is not quite a jazz singer, but she is joined by some highly regarded jazz talent: guitarists Adam Levy, Adam Rogers, Tony Scherr, Bill Frisell, and Kevin Breit; drummers Brian Blade, Dan Rieser, and Kenny Wollesen; organist Sam Yahel; accordionist Rob Burger; and violinist Jenny Scheinman. Her regular guitarist and bassist, Jesse Harris and Lee Alexander, respectively, play on every track and also serve as the chief songwriters. Both have a gift for melody, simple yet elegant progressions, and evocative lyrics.

Joe Beck - Beck (1975) Japanese Blu-Spec 2013 [Re-Up]  Music

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Joe Beck - Beck (1975) Japanese Blu-Spec 2013 [Re-Up]

Joe Beck - Beck (1975) Japanese Blu-Spec 2013
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 243 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 111 Mb | Scans included
Jazz-Funk, Jazz Fusion | Label: King Records/CTI | # KICJ 2347 | Time: 00:35:57

This 1975 Kudu album by Joe Beck was never reissued on CD in the United States but available only as a Japanese import on the King label. Beck is a masterpiece of mid-'70s funky jazz and fusion. Beck retired in 1971 to be a dairy farmer. He returned to make this album his opus. Featuring David Sanborn, Don Grolnick, Will Lee, and Chris Parker, all of the album's six tracks were recorded in two days. Overdubs were done in another day and the minimal strings added by Don Sebesky were added on a third day. "Star Fire" opens the set and features the interplay of Beck's riffing and lead fills with Sanborn's timely, rhythmic legato phrasing, and the communication level is high and the groove level even higher. On "Texas Ann," another Beck original, Sanborn hits the blues stride from the jump, but Beck comes in adding the funk underneath Grolnick's keyboard while never losing his Albert Collins' feel. On "Red Eye," Beck's two- and three-chord funk vamps inform the verse while Sebesky's unobtrusive strings provide a gorgeous backdrop for Sanborn, who stays in the mellow pocket until the refrains, when he cuts loose in his best Maceo Parker. The deep funk of Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin's "Café Black Rose" showcases the band's commitment to groove jazz with a razor's edge.

Manic Street Preachers - Futurology (2014) Japanese Edition  Music

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Manic Street Preachers - Futurology (2014) Japanese Edition

EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 415 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 141 Mb | Scans ~ 88 Mb
Alternative Rock, BritPop | Label: Sony | # SICP 4146 | Time: 01:01:44

Always aware of the import of even their slightest movement, Manic Street Preachers place a lot of weight on their album titles and 2014's Futurology is designed as a conscious counterpoint to 2013's Rewind the Film. That record wound up closing an era where the Manics looked back toward their own history as a way of moving forward, but Futurology definitively opens a new chapter for the Welsh trio, one where they're pushing into uncharted territory. Never mind that, by most standards this charge toward the future is also predicated on the past, with the group finding fuel within the robotic rhythms of Krautrock and the arty fallout of punk; within the context of the Manics, this is a bracing, necessary shift in direction. All the death disco, free-range electronics, Low homages, and Teutonic grooves, suit the situational politics of the Manics, perhaps even better than the AOR-inspired anthems that have been their stock in trade, but the words – crafted, as ever, by Nicky Wire, who remains obsessed with self-recriminations, injustice and rallying cries – aren't the focus here. Unique among Manics albums, Futurology is primarily about the music, with the surging synthesizers and jagged arrangements providing not an emotional blood-letting or call to arms, but rather an internal journey.

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla (1974) {1993, Japanese Reissue}  Music

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Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla (1974) {1993, Japanese Reissue}

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla (1974) {1993, Japanese Reissue}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 257 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 112 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 600 dpi) | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock | Teichiku Records #TECX-20608

A sketchy and underfocused debut, Rocka Rolla nonetheless begins to delineate the musical territory Judas Priest would explore over the remainder of the decade: frighteningly dark in its effect, tight in its grooves, and capable of expanding to epic song lengths. On the other hand, Rocka Rolla is also murkier, less precise and powerful in its riff attack, and more blues-based; the stylistic debts to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple are obvious at this juncture, although they would become much less apparent on subsequent releases. The compositions alternate between short songs and extended suites; some are decent, but overall they don't establish a real direction and tend to plod aimlessly in many of the longer pieces. Mostly a curiosity for hardcore fans, Rocka Rolla definitely hints at Judas Priest's potential and originality, but doesn't always suggest the quantum leap in vision that would occur with their very next record.
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols (1977) {1995, Japanese Reissue}

Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols (1977) {1995, Japanese Reissue}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 325 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 118 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 600 dpi) | RAR 5% Recovery
Punk Rock | Virgin / Toshiba EMI Ltd. #VJCP-3215

The phenomenally successful "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols", the only studio album by the English punk rock group Sex Pistols., released on 28 October 1977 by Virgin Records. At the time of its release, the band was already extremely controversial, having sworn on live TV, been fired from two record labels, and been banned from playing live in most parts of England. The album's title added to that controversy, with some people finding the word "bollocks" offensive. Many record stores refused to carry the album and some record charts refused to list the album, showing just a blank space instead…
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) 2CD Deluxe Edition, Japanese SHM-CD 2015 [Re-Up]

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) 2CD Deluxe Edition, Japanese SHM-CD 2015
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 665 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 232 Mb | Scans ~ 172 Mb
Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock & Roll | Label: Polydor/Universal | # UICY 15382/3 | 01:40:28

Regarded as one of The Rolling Stones' all-time great albums, 'Sticky Fingers' captured the bands trademark combination of swagger and tenderness in a superb collection. The classic album features timeless songs such as 'Brown Sugar,' 'Wild Horses,' 'Bitch,' 'Sister Morphine' and 'Dead Flowers' and showcases the inventive song writing of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and formidable guitar licks from Mick Taylor. All Deluxe and Super Deluxe formats will feature a generous selection of previously unavailable material. These include the alternative version of the chart-topping single 'Brown Sugar' featuring Eric Clapton; unreleased interpretations of 'Bitch,' 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' and 'Dead Flowers'; an acoustic take on the anthemic 'Wild Horses', and five tracks recorded live at The Roundhouse in 1971 including 'Honky Tonk Women' and 'Midnight Rambler.' Remastered (2009) album plus bonus CD featuring previously unreleased alternate takes and live performances with 24 page booklet.