Katharine Hepburn

The Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute by Katharine Hepburn (1986)

The Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute by Katharine Hepburn (1986)
DVDrip | 706x480 | MKV/x264 @ 1849 Kbps | 86mn | Audio: English AC3 192 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English | 1.26 GB
Genre: Documentary

Spencer Tracy was a true Hollywood legend who starred in dozens of films, including such classics as Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. In this tribute to her frequent co-star and longtime love, Katharine Hepburn hosts a behind-the-scenes look at Tracy's personal and professional life that features intimate personal accounts, interviews and clips from his most acclaimed work on the silver screen.

Woman of the Year (1942)  Video

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Woman of the Year (1942)

Woman of the Year (1942)
A Film by George Stevens
DVDRip | MKV | Lang: English | Subs: None | 1h 49min | 718x538 | AVC @ 1800Kbps | AAC @ 160Kbps | 1.50 GB
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance | Sport

Tess and Sam work on the same newspaper and don't like each other very much. At least the first time, because they eventually fall in love and get married. But Tess is a very active woman and one of the most famous feminists in the country; she is even elected as "the woman of the year." Being busy all the time, she forgets how to really be a woman and Sam begins to feel neglected.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) [RE-UP]  Video

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) [RE-UP]

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
Rat mal, wer zum Essen kommt - Devine qui vient dîner
Indovina chi viene a cena - Adivina quién viene a cenar esta noche

A Film by Stanley Kramer
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL | 1,85:1 | 16:9 | 720x576 | 01:53:20 | 5% Recovery | 4.24 GB
Languages Available: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish 2.0 / 5.1 AC3
Subtitle: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish
German, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic
Extra: Menù, Direct Access to Scene, Theatrical Trailers
Genre: Drama, Comedy | Won 2 Oscars. Another 8 wins & 20 nominations

Joey Drayton brings her fiancé, Dr. John Prentice, home to sunny San Francisco to meet her affluent parents. Their liberal persuasions are now put to the test, for although the young man is an ideal choice (he's highly and internationally respected in the medical field, and he's impeccably mannered, handsome…

The Trojan Women (1971)  Video

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The Trojan Women (1971)

The Trojan Women (1971)
DVD5 | ISO | NTSC 4:3 | 01:46:05 | 3,91 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: None
Genre: Drama

After their ten-year siege, the victorious Greek army seeks to curse those Trojans whom fate has yet spared. Separated from their children, denied their mourning and destined for slavery, the women of fallen Troy huddle within the parched wreckage of their once glorious city. Beautiful Cassandra (Bujold) is betrothed against her will despite her vanishing sanity. Andromache (Redgrave) discovers her son is to be executed to end her royal bloodline. Helen (Papas) desperately wields the arrogant beauty that leveled a city as she pleads for her life. But it is Hecuba (Hepburn), widowed queen of Troy, whose enduring dignity and unfaltering strength makes cowards of Troy's captors.

Stage Door (1937) [Re-UP]  Video

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Stage Door (1937) [Re-UP]

Stage Door (1937)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:31:39 | 4,72 Gb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Terry Randall, rich society beauty, has decided to see if she can break into the Broadway theatre scene without her family connections. She goes to live in a theatrical boarding house and finds her life caught up with those of the other inmates and the ever-present disappointment that theatrical hopefuls must live with. Her smart-mouth roommate, Jean, is approached by a powerful producer for more than just a role. And Terry's father has decided to give her career the shove by backing a production for her to star in, in which she's sure to flop. But his machinations hurt more than just Terry.

The African Queen (1951) [Restored Edition] [Re-UP]  Video

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The African Queen (1951) [Restored Edition] [Re-UP]

The African Queen (1951)
A Film by John Huston
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:45:08 | 7,23 Gb
Audio: #1 English, #2 French, #3 Spanish, #4 Portuguese - AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps (each)
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Genre: Adventure, Romance, War

September 1914, news reaches the colony German Eastern Africa that its motherland is at war, so Reverend Samuel Sayer became a hostile foreigner; German imperial troops burn down his mission, driving him mad- shortly after his well-educated, snooty sister Rose Sayer buries him and leaves by the only available transport, the crummy river steamboat 'African Queen' of grumpy boorish compatriot Charlie Allnut……

The Philadelphia Story (1940) Special Edition  Video

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The Philadelphia Story (1940) Special Edition

The Philadelphia Story (1940) Special Edition
Scandalo a Filadelfia
A Film by George Cukor
2xDVD9 | VIDEO_TS | ISO + MD5 | PAL | 1.85:1 | 4:3 | 720x576 | 03:09:30 | 5% recovery | 6.16 GB / 6.30 GB
Languages Available: Italian, English Dolby Digital 1.0 AC3
Subtitle: English, Italian, Arabic, Romanian, French, Dutch
Extra: Scene Selection, Menù, Trailers, Documentaries, Featurettes
Genre: Comedy | Won 2 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 4 nominations

Tracy Samantha Lord Haven (Katharine Hepburn) is a wealthy Main Line Philadelphia socialite who had divorced C. K. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant), a member of her social set, because he did not measure up to her exacting standards. (He was an alcoholic, and her lack of faith in him exacerbated his condition.) She is about to marry nouveau riche…

Undercurrent (1946)  Video

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Undercurrent (1946)

Undercurrent (1946)
Der unbekannte Geliebte - Corrientes ocultas
DVD9, VIDEO_TS, 720x576, PAL | Languages: Deutsch, English, Castellano | 111 min | audio codec: AC-3, 192 Kbps, 48 KHz, DD 1.0 | 6.4 GB | 251 mb split
subtitle: Deutsch, English, Castellano, Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Svenska,
Genre: Film noir, Drama

Undercurrent / Der unbekannte Geliebte [DVD9] (1946)  Video

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Undercurrent / Der unbekannte Geliebte [DVD9] (1946)

Undercurrent / Der unbekannte Geliebte [DVD9] (1946)
Genre: Thriller | DVD Video | DVD-9 | ~6,40 GB | 112 Min | FileServe, Filesonic
MPEG2, PAL 4:3 (720x576) 6000.0 kbps, 25.000 fps | Subtitle: Deutsch, English, French, Spanish
Deutsch, English, Spanish (AC3, 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 1 ch)

Katharine Hepburn as a helpless Gothic heroine a la Jane Eyre or Rebecca's second Mrs. De Winter? Well, that is exactly what Undercurrent asks you to believe. Yet despite her much vaunted charisma and acting prowess Hepburn fails to make much sense of Ann Hamilton, whose constant stream-of-consciousness may be typical of the actress but whose wide-eyed trust in men is definitely not. Our Kate would hardly have let herself be manipulated by someone as transparent as Robert Taylor's Alan Garroway. Certainly not! Yet here she is, being dressed by him like some store window mannequin just so he can take credit for her transformation. Almost any other actress of her generation could have made that believable but not Ms. Hepburn, who doesn't strike a viewer as the Trilby type at all.


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Der Löwe im Winter - Il leone d'inverno - El león en invierno

VIDEO_TS (DVD9) Menu | Languages: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Spanish | 129 min | 720x576 (16:9) | audio codec: AC-3 192Kbps/48 KHz | 6.430 Kbps | 6.40 GiB
subtitles: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Genre: History, Classics