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BBC - Lloyd George: My Great-Great-Grandfather (2016)  Video

Posted by Tutorial at May 21, 2017
BBC - Lloyd George: My Great-Great-Grandfather (2016)

BBC - Lloyd George: My Great-Great-Grandfather (2016)
HDTV | 1280 x 720 | .MKV/AVC @ 2350 Kbps | 58 min 58 s | 1.02 GB
Audio: English AAC 124 Kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary, History

At the end of the First World War, Britain's prime minister David Lloyd George was a national hero, hailed as 'the man who won the war'. A hundred years after he became PM, Lloyd George's great-great-grandson Dan Snow explores his famous forebear's life and asks why he's not better remembered, why he's not as famous a wartime leader as his friend and protege Winston Churchill. It's a tale of sex and scandal, success and failure, with Dan discovering some home truths from his family's history.

My Father Jack (2016)  Video

Posted by JohnSmith at May 15, 2017
My Father Jack (2016)

My Father Jack (2016)
WEBRip | AVI / XviD@684 kb/s | 720x384 | 1h 23mn | 550 MB | Italian: AC3, 224 kb/s (2 ch)
Genre: Comedy

Matteo è un giovane avvocato di successo che sta per sposarsi con Clara, figlia del titolare dello studio legale per cui lavora. Tuttavia, prima di sposarsi, vuole far luce sui genitori che non ha mai conosciuto. Quando scopre che il padre, Jack, vive in una vallata del Trentino, tenta un faticoso riavvicinamento. Quello che però non sa è che Jack è anche il killer incaricato di uccidere il testimone del processo di mafia su cui sta lavorando. Padre e figlio continueranno a diffidare l'uno dell’altro ma alla fine dovranno affrontare una dura decisione.

Mon Fils à Moi [My Son] 2007  Video

Posted by galmuchet at May 14, 2017
Mon Fils à Moi [My Son] 2007

Mon Fils à Moi [My Son] 2007
DVDrip | MKV H264-1209 | mp3@160 | 720x384 | Audio: French | Subs: English, Portuguese, Serbian (srt) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h19 | 1.0 Gb
Drame | France, Belgique 07 Mar 2007 | Realisation Martial FOUGERON

Julien est un jeune garçon en début d'adolescence. Sa mère, sévère et possessive, est sujette à de brusques sautes d'humeur. Négligée par son mari, elle reporte tout son amour sur son fils, surveillant scrupuleusement chacun de ses faits et gestes. Malgré quelques moments de complicité, Julien, docile et soumis envers sa mère, se renferme de plus en plus…

PBS - FRONTLINE: The Fish on my Plate (2017)  Video

Posted by notbanned at May 7, 2017
PBS - FRONTLINE: The Fish on my Plate (2017)

PBS - FRONTLINE: The Fish on my Plate (2017)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3019 Kbps | 1h 23min | 1.98 GiB
Audio: English AC3 384 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary

Journalist and author Paul Greenberg (Four Fish; American Catch) spends a year eating only fish. From farmed fish in Norway to the biggest wild fishery in the world off Peru, he travels to investigate the health of the ocean - as well as his own.

My Father Die (2016)  Video

Posted by Without at April 27, 2017
My Father Die (2016)

My Father Die (2016)
BRRip | MKV | 720x304 | AVC@1340 kb/s | English AC3@448 kb/s | 6 channels | 1 h 30 min | 1.11 GB
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1288x480 | AVC@5426 kb/s | English DTS@1509 kb/s
Subs: English | 6 channels | 1 h 30 min | 4.36 GB
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920x720 | AVC@8900 kb/s | English DTS@1509 kb/s
Subs: English | 6 channels | 1 h 30 min | 6.55 GB
Genre: Action, Drama

Deaf and mute since having his hearing knocked out at the age of 12, Asher has been training for almost two decades to avenge himself on Ivan, the man that killed his older brother, 21 years ago. And now that his nemesis is out of prison, he gets his chance. But Asher's target also happens to be his father.

My Wife's Relations (1922)  Video

Posted by ChumPaa at Sept. 16, 2016
My Wife's Relations (1922)

My Wife's Relations (1922)
A Film by Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton
BDRip | MKV | 24min 24s | 1280x720 | AVC @ 3381Kbps | AC-3 @ 640Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 703 MB
Genre: Short | Comedy

When a large Irish woman falsely accuses Buster of breaking a window he is hauled before a Polish judge who speaks no English and assumes they are there to be married. She takes her new husband home to meet her four gorilla-like brothers.

Ma mère / My Mother (2004)  Video

Posted by RSU75 at Sept. 14, 2016
Ma mère / My Mother (2004)

Ma mère / My Mother (2004)
DVD Video | 1hr 47mn | NTSC 16:9 | 720x480 | 7.14 Gb
French: Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Romance

When his father dies, a young man is introduced by his attractive, amoral mother to a world of hedonism and depravity.

BBC - Natural World: My Congo (2016)  Video

Posted by notbanned at Sept. 8, 2016
BBC - Natural World: My Congo (2016)

BBC - Natural World: My Congo (2016)
HDTV 360p | AVI | 640x360 | XviD@2776 Kbps | English MP3@128 Kbps | 2 channels | 58mn 31s | 1.19 GiB
HDTV 720p | MKV | 1280x720 | AVC@3240 Kbps | English AAC@123 Kbps | 2 channels | 1h 25mn | 1.38 GiB
Genre: Documentary

Wildlife cameraman Vianet Djenguet returns to his beloved Congo to explore the extraordinary wildlife of this remarkable country. Far from being the dark heart of Africa, Vianet reveals a vibrant, wonderful place full of surprising landscapes, incredible people and amazing animals. Vianet takes us from dramatic coasts to pristine rainforest on a wildlife voyage of discovery, meeting inquisitive baby chimpanzees, majestic forest elephants and elusive lowland gorillas. Seen through the eyes of one of its proudest sons, Vianet offer us a unique insight into his homeland.

My Forbidden Past (1951)  Video

Posted by ChumPaa at Sept. 3, 2016
My Forbidden Past (1951)

My Forbidden Past (1951)
A Film by Robert Stevenson
DVDRip | MKV | 1h 10min | 720x576 | AVC @ 1259Kbps | AC-3 @ 192Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 745 MB
Genre: Drama | Romance

Barbara Beaurevel lives with her aunt and cousin in New Orleans in the late 1800's. In love with Mark Lucas, a research doctor at Tulane University, her plans to marry him are thwarted. Barbara's family is of the high society stratum, but her late grandmother was not in fact the connection with her is something Barbara's aunt is most anxious to conceal. When Barbara inherits a fortune from her grandmother's side of the family, she uses it to try and win back Mark.

Channel 4 - My Millionaire Dads and Me (2016)  Video

Posted by notbanned at Aug. 31, 2016
Channel 4 - My Millionaire Dads and Me (2016)

Channel 4 - My Millionaire Dads and Me (2016)
HDTV 720p | MKV | 1280x720 | AVC@1999 Kbps | English AC3@384 Kbps | 2 channels | 46mn 47s | 814 MiB
HDTV 1080p | MKV | 1920x1080 | AVC@4363 Kbps | English AC3@384 Kbps | 2 channels | 46mn 47s | 1.58 GiB
Genre: Documentary

The first British gay dads to have surrogate kids celebrate their twins' 16th birthday