Nightworld v01 - Midnight Sonata (2015)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Oct. 6, 2015
Nightworld v01 - Midnight Sonata (2015)

Nightworld v01 - Midnight Sonata (2015)
English | CBR | 103 pages | 153.30 MB

It's fast and furious Faustian action as a trio of demons– the noble Plenilunio, the hell-raising Hotspot and the haughty Hellena– battle the evil Empyre and each other over mythic artifacts to lift their curse! Meanwhile Plenilunio's spellbound lover Lidia sleepwalks his castle and haunts his heart. B-movie psychodrama at its best! Collects NIGHTWORLD #1-4.

Nightworld 04 (of 04) (2014)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Nov. 5, 2014
Nightworld 04 (of 04) (2014)

Nightworld 04 (of 04) (2014)
English | CBR | 31 pages | 70.70 MB

Nightworld 03 (of 04) (2014)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Oct. 8, 2014
Nightworld 03 (of 04) (2014)

Nightworld 03 (of 04) (2014)
English | CBR | 31 pages | 73.06 MB

Nightworld 02 (of 04) (2014)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Sept. 3, 2014
Nightworld 02 (of 04) (2014)

Nightworld 02 (of 04) (2014)
English | CBR | 32 pages | 64.98 MB

Nightworld 01 (of 04) (2014)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Aug. 6, 2014
Nightworld 01 (of 04) (2014)

Nightworld 01 (of 04) (2014)
English | CBR | 32 pages | 64.46 MB

The Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers (2017)  Music

Posted by delpotro at Oct. 5, 2017
The Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers (2017)

The Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers (2017)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:33:19 | 76 Mb
Melodic Death Metal | Label: Metal Blade Records

The Black Dahlia Murder will return this year with their eighth studio album, Nightbringers. The new full-length will see an Oct. 6 release and the title track is now available for your eager ears.

Act of Violence (1948) + Mystery Street (1950) [Re-UP]  Video

Posted by Someonelse at Oct. 16, 2012
Act of Violence (1948) + Mystery Street (1950) [Re-UP]

Act of Violence (1948) + Mystery Street (1950) [Double Feature]
A Films by Fred Zinnemann and John Sturges
DVD9 | ISO+MDS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:22:05 + 01:32:42 | 7,57 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps + Commentary tracks | Subtitles: English SDH, French
Genre: Crime, Film-Noir

Act of Violence (1948) is the real film noir McCoy, albeit so meticulously directed by Fred Zinnemann in postwar-European style that it's virtually an art-film noir. Van Heflin plays a model small-town citizen suddenly confronted with a guilty WWII past, in the dark, limping, permanently trenchcoated figure of Robert Ryan. The film systematically dismantles the domestic security of Heflin's life till he's forced to flee his own home, which has become a trap, and escape into the nightworld of the big city. Mary Astor is superb as one of its few sympathetic denizens. Co-featured with Act of Violence is Mystery Street (1950), a hard-edged movie about a B-girl's murder and some of the proto-CSI techniques the police use to solve the crime. Directed by John Sturges, from a script by Richard Brooks and Sydney Boehm, the picture is enhanced by atmospheric Boston and Cape Cod settings and camerawork by Mr. Film Noir himself, John Alton.

Of Antiquity - Nocturnal Grind (2011)  Music

Posted by cha77os at Oct. 20, 2011
Of Antiquity - Nocturnal Grind (2011)

Of Antiquity - Nocturnal Grind (2011)
U.S.A. | Mp3 320 Kbps | 122 MB
Death Metal

Of Antiquity’s debut album Nocturnal Grind is a unique blend of orchestral sounding, grindy metal music mixed with heavy a death metal vocals and a pinch of black metal thrown in for fun.

The Wingless Wyrm  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at April 7, 2009
The Wingless Wyrm

The Wingless Wyrm | 20 Mb

Friend or foe? You can make your own mind up about this versatile beast! It has the sheer size, long sharp teeth, beak, horns, and darting neck to be a dangerous predator - or you can load it up with tack to carry you in comfort across an alien or fantasy terrain. The Wingless Wyrm comes with a formidable double set of spines (which can of course be 'trimmed' when he's being ridden), a number of different horn configurations, and four different color maps, for a number of different looks.